About Us

Ivy Grid

We are a newly established company, which provides integrated dispatching services and “turnkey” administration of power plants producing energy from renewable energy sources. The company emerged as a result of a necessity of the market - given the current amendments to the legislation with regard to the compulsory dispatching of the producers of energy from renewable energy sources - and also as a consequence of the need of power plant developers to manage the energy production in a more efficient way. Our main objective is to identify the needs of our clients and to ensure an optimum energy production by providing a tailored solution, which includes a comprehensive range of services: dispatching, prognosis, maintenance and park administration. Ivy Grid is the entity which facilitates the relationship between the energy producer and the regulatory authorities and, at the same time, it ensures an increase in the efficiency of energy production for the producer. Our team of professionals combines the expertise and commitment of experienced dispatchers with the enthusiasm and passion of our young specialists.